Take your RSA Pro(TM) skills to school

Take your RSA Pro skills to school

It’s September and the inevitable back-to-school feeling has set in. We’re giving you a chance to satisfy your school days nostalgia by taking your RSA Pro™ skills to school!

Over the course of September, we are offering the chance to take three RSA Pro™ challenges*.
Complete each challenge for a chance to win instant cash rewards and smart technology prizes.

  • RSA Pro™ 101: Week of September 10th
  • RSA Pro™ 201: Week of September 17th
  • RSA Pro™ 301: Week of September 24th

The details of the challenges will be sent weekly by email – so watch your inbox closely to participate! Brokers must already have access to RSA Pro™ in order to participate. 

Learn more about RSA Pro™ at rsabroker.ca/rsapro

*Not available in Quebec