Cold weather safety warmers

Person shovelling snow

Homing in on cold weather safety

With winter upon us, here are the top three things your clients need to know to help protect their property from potential weather damage:

1.Look upwards

Basement flooding often comes from the ceiling. Clearing eavestroughs and having downspouts extend as far away as possible from the foundation of the home will help protect from water damage.

2.Shut off outdoor water

Completely drain and bring inside your outdoor water hose before freezing temperatures set in.
Shut off the master valve inside the house leading to the outdoor valve to avoid water freezing, cracking the pipe, and causing water damage.
Know where the shut-off valve is for the city water coming into the house in case there is a broken pipe and you need to shut it off in a hurry.

3.Stock up early

Stock up on bags of ice melt or salt.
Make sure you’re ready with a good shovel to keep your sidewalk and driveway free of snow and ice.
If you have a snow-blower, have it tuned up and ready with fresh gas.

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