Gender X Protocol

hand signing a document
With recent changes to government legislation around provincial identification documents, RSA is outlining the protocol brokers should follow when handling Gender X policies. This protocol outlines the process front line staff are to follow when rating a policy where a client chooses to identify themselves as Gender X. This protocol does not apply to Ontario as there are different procedures due to the gender identification in the driver’s license number.
All brokers should be advised of the following procedures: 
Quoting Gender X Using Quoting Tools: 
Brokers will quote the client using the gender selection (Male or Female) that triggers the lower premium in the quoting tool
New Business Submitted via WebBusiness
Brokers will process the New Business as usual, setting the gender field to match the gender in the quote
  • Broker will leave a note that the driver is Gender X
  • No Underwriting referrals required
Amendments Submitted via WebBusiness with Gender X rating: 
Brokers will process the Amendment as usual, comparing the premium between Male and Female, and selecting the lower premium
  • Broker shall leave a note that the driver is Gender X (if not previously identified)
  • No Underwriting referrals required
Renewals with existing Gender X rating: 
Brokers shall compare the renewal premium between Male and Female on WebBusiness and reissue the renewal policy with the gender that triggers the lower premium. 
  • Brokers shall leave a note that the renewal is reissued to re-rate the driver as Gender X
  • No Underwriting referrals required
Effective Dates:
  • New Business: Effective immediately
  • Renewal: Effective immediately
Applicable Provinces:
  • Alberta, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Northwest Territories, PEI, and Yukon Territories
If you have any questions please contact your Regional Sales Manager. 
For more information specific to province, please follow links below: