Navigating small business risk management

Small business owner

What you need to know to win more small business clients. Help them plan the insurance solutions that are fit for their survival.

Making up over 90% of the business landscape in Canada, small to medium-sized offer a huge opportunity for brokers to partner with these entrepreneurs and share their expertise of the industry. While most small business owners realize they need insurance, few understand their options, the scope of potential risks they may face, or who to turn to for advice.

RSA recently surveyed entrepreneurs around Canada to gain further insights into their businesses, their insurance needs, and the issues they face in their day-to-day activities. This insight, partnered with our expertise of insuring small to medium-sized businesses, helped us to create a white paper that will help you better understand and continually add value to your clients.

The report explores:

  • The powerful relationship between broker and small-business owners
  • Top 3 risks that small-business owners face
  • How brokers can offer insight and referrals

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