EBI 101 Risk Seminar an astounding success

EBI 101 Risk Seminar

Did you know? RSA is a Canadian leader in Equipment Breakdown Insurance (EBI). Much of this is attributed to our deep technical expertise, commitment to working with our broker partners and client’s risk managers to ensure the best risk management, access to exclusive seminars to share knowledge and best practices and more.

The Calgary team recently demonstrated this by holding an EBI 101 risk seminar, a joint session hosted by EBI Underwriting and Risk Control which had more than 30 broker attendees. The session was used as a refresher for RSA’s EBI coverage, demonstrated how we differentiate from our competitors and dispelled some myths including that EBI is available not only as a packaged insurance, but also as a standalone option.

Feedback from the seminar has been positive with some broker’s stating “this was a very informative and useful session. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with key updates on EBI.”

Vishnu Premlall, Technical Account Manager, Western Region, hosted the event and adds “these types of seminars demonstrate our commitment to our broker partners and provide us with an opportunity to not only highlight our outstanding EBI products, but to also engage with clients throughout the year.”

Included below are some photos from the seminar.

Additionally if you’d like to learn more about EBI, click here to read the marketing brochure.

EBI Seminar EBI Seminar