RSA rolling out broker education program

Wise Up Broker Education

RSA CANADA has launched a new education program aimed at helping brokers fulfill training requirements. 

Called ‘Wise Up,’ the program was launched last month in B.C. and Manitoba and will be rolled out across the country by the end of the year. 

Donna Ince, RSA Canada’s Personal Lines VP, told Thompson’s that the company is aiming to address the challenge of brokers’ busy schedules.

“(Wise Up) is a way to support brokers in the training that they have to do and we wanted to make sure we are addressing it for their advantage,” she said. 

Ms. Ince said RSA launched a new learning curriculum pilot program in 2015 in Ontario and Quebec, and both were a big success. Through it, the company implemented different formats for learning, including Internet seminars and podcasts.

The pilot program became a building block for the new broker education program and RSA now uses different platforms for the learning process. 

“The new learning curriculum has a format where (brokers) can go into the program and do the courses that they like, when they like and when they finish it they can print off a certificate,” Ms. Ince said.

The program can be accessed via mobile device, tablet or desktop computer. 

John McNeil, Manager of Learning and Development at RSA, said the program is not only convenient for brokers but also for brokerage administrative staff. 

He noted that office managers, or anyone in charge of tracking a brokerage’s continuing education or licensing, can log into the program and track brokers’ progress.

This article is featured in Thompson World Insurance News.