Risk Advice for Home & Small Businesses

To help you strengthen your relationship with clients by providing risk prevention advice, we have developed an extensive library of tip sheets.

Our tip sheets are organized in the following categories: Weather, Property, Client Safety and Small–Medium Business Safety. Designed for you to distribute to your Personal and Commercial clients, you may also find them helpful information resources in your role as advisor.


Weather-related topics

Extreme weather events are on the rise, and everyone needs to be vigilant about protecting both their personal safety and that of their property. These tips sheets offer guidance for the following situations:


Protecting your clients’ property

Ensure that your Personal Insurance clients understand the home appraisal process and how changes to their home can affect their insurance. In the Home Safety category, we have collected resources to help your clients stay safe in their homes and at their vacation property.

Home Appraisals


Home Appraisals: Explained


Home Safety


Cottage Dock Safety

Wood Burning Fireplaces and Stoves

Condo Water Damage

Opening Your Cottage

Tips for Protecting Your Cottage


Client safety

Ensure that your clients take prudent safety precautions to protect themselves, their families and their personal identity.


Small-Medium business safety

Your Commercial clients have a number of assets to protect and potential risks to guard against, which will vary depending on their industry. These tip sheets offer them sound risk prevention advice.

Old record player

Get reacquainted with the basics of our Personal Insurance offering

Global Capabilities

Offer your clients tailored multinational insurance solutions.


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